Purpose & Scope
The purpose of this project was to work with the client to completely rebrand and redesign all digital assets for their Medical Practice and Therapy Centre. This local Doctor's office is truly the embodiment of family and unity, something that was incredibly inspiring for me and a large part of why I took on the project. This is a group of Doctors and Professionals that truly want to help others, however their branding didn't accurately represent this. I made it my personal mission to go above and beyond to not only provide a service for my client, but to extend that to the community they serve. As a resident of the town they practice in, I am personal witness to their dedication. 

This project was a big one, and one that required attention to detail and a tender touch to accurately portray their impact on our community as a whole. It was my absolute pleasure to collaborate and be the storyteller of this amazing group of professionals.
1. Logo
2. Creative Strategy & Re-Branding
3. Full website design using platform of client's choice
4. Graphic Work for Physician Fax Forms & Consults (not included for privacy)
5. SEO & Domain
The Before Photo

It was clear this website wasn't serving anyone. Seeing this made me even more determined to create a solution for this wonderful group of health professionals. Your website is your brand, and this doesn't reflect all the great things this group of human beings has to offer.
Please note that due to the fact that this is a health care and medical project, I am not at liberty to share demographic information and background research. The following information and deliverables being shared do not infringe on PHIPPA and do not reveal any personal or patient information pertaining to the practice.
Logo design including splash page graphics 
Logo Design & Creative Strategy
Excerpt of Creative Strategy. Please note top portion removed for privacy
Full Web Deliverable (The After Photo)
Challenges & Conclusion
Any worthwhile project has challenges, and this was no exception. I found the biggest challenge was creating a delicate balance between professionalism and emulation of their friendliness and care. Opting for a softer colour palette with grounding was the solution to this, however I did play with multiple different directions for the re-brand as well as the web design. After all, these are Professionals held in high regard in their community and it was my duty to also reinforce that confidence in the eyes of the patients viewing the deliverables. During the copywriting process, I wanted to reassure people (particularly in this pandemic climate) that there were Professionals that were not only competent practitioners but also human beings that know what it's like to need support. 

This project instilled an entirely new level of empathy and passion for serving clients beyond the scope of the deliverable. By fulling immersing myself in the wants and needs of the users I was able to fully understand the scope of this project and proceed with confidence. Whenever I am requested to complete a project in healthcare, I truly feel a sense of duty to tell the story and I'm so glad I did.

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